No Deal Brexit, Trade Wars and Iran - Gold Up 13.8% in 2019
Gold up 13.8% in 2019

No Deal Brexit,
Trade Wars and Iran
- Gold Up 13.8% in 2019


11.4% Annual Returns* (average since 2000)
Capital Gains Tax Free* (on UK coins only)


Direct Bullion in a Nutshell

Direct Bullion are a leading UK and international precious metals dealer, specialising in work with High Net Worth individuals (HNWi)

Recognised as one of the world’s best precious metals companies in the HNWi sector by The Spear’s 500, Direct Bullion’s services go beyond tailored investment and diversification packages to the provision of ultra-secure safes and panic rooms for those who like to keep their gold close to hand.


11.4% Annual Returns

There's a reason for
Gold's popularity..

It holds value over time
It's financially liquid
Devisable and universally recognised
It's a way to hold wealth outside of the conventional financial system
It's not denominated in a paper currency that is controlled by central bankers
And is one of the few private forms of money still remaining with ZERO counter-party risk.
We use to talk of Gold as a hedge against all other unknowns or what might happen in the future, an insurance policy. Today we talk of Gold as a solid investment. 

Price Match Promise


Clients are able to buy directly through one of the specialist brokers – and all under an industry leading “Price Match Promise”

Direct Bullion DO NOT offer investment or tax advice and recommend that you conduct your own independent research before making any investment decisions.

The Price of Gold and Silver may go up as well as down